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Loch Raven Reservoir

The Loch Raven Reservoir Watershed, just miles north of Baltimore City, is one of the most strikingly beautiful locales in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Entering the watershed and leaving the bustle of the city behind is a welcome event for many area sports and recreation enthusiasts. The reservoir does much more than provide water for millions of people; it provides a picaresque escape from the stressors of city life.

The Loch Raven Skeet and Trap Center is a unique part of the sporting culture that defines the area. This unassuming center is home to hundreds of passionate members as well as being open to the public.

The reservoir not only supplies the city and surrounding suburbs with water, but it also provides local fisherman with an excellent spot to cast their rods and reel in a large-mouth bass. The Loch Raven Fishing Center is the place to start.

Every weekend a section of Loch Raven Drive along the reservoir is shut down to vehicular traffic to promote recreation in the area. This three mile stretch of roadway attracts runners, bikers, walkers and rollerbladers looking to get away from the metropolitan traffic.

With the amount of people that converge on the reservoir every weekend, it’s inevitable that they will bring pollution and garbage along with them. Four years ago a group of volunteers decided to do something about it and organized a Loch Raven Cleanup Day.

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Drinking water and excellent bass fishing: Loch Raven Reservoir is the largest of three area reservoirs that together provide up to 405 million gallons of water per day to Baltimore City and Baltimore County

How a stretch of closed roadway can draw a crowd: Every weekend thousands of Baltimore City and County residents converge on Loch Raven Drive.

Mixed results for Loch Raven cleanup: The fourth annual Loch Raven Reservoir cleanup was held on Oct. 9, 2005.

Skeet, trapped and hooked: The distant blasts of shells exploding from the barrels of shotguns can be heard throughout the Loch Raven Reservoir Watershed.