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The Baltimore Museum of Art: A look inside the history of this institution

As one of Maryland's largest art museums and home to one of the most celebrated art collections in the world The Baltimore Museum of Art is not only a vital source of history but also a learning center for everyone who enters its doors.

Founded in 1914 by a visionary group of Baltimoreans, the Museum has attracted a remarkable collection of 90,000 works of art, nearly all of them gifts from members of the community. The Museum offers Maryland students the chance to experience art: from elementary school students experiencing art in the classroom through the Museum’s exhibits, to college students undertaking fellowships the Museum has with several universities.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is a way for visitors of all ages to discover the largest collection of works by Pablo Picasso, as well as the most prominent African art collection on the East Coast, and the most comprehensive collection of American decorative arts in the region. The Museum also offers several community related activities that bring the art to life as well as several activities that allow museumgoers to electronically experience art.

The Museum's collection is vast in its exhibits. From the sculpture gardens that feature 34 works of art on numerous landscaped areas in the heart of the city, to the greatest masterpieces the world has known, the Baltimore Museum of Art is home to world-renowned works of modern and contemporary art, grand European paintings and sculpture from Old Masters through the nineteenth century. Guests of the Museum view extensive collections of prints, drawings and photographs from the 15th century to the present, notable American decorative arts and Maryland period rooms as well as the impressive collection of African, Asian, Native American and Oceanic art -- all of which allow observers the ability to experience far-off places in their own city.

The Museum hosts a variety of major exhibitions each year, as well as special installations that showcase the Museum's incomparable collection. The Baltimore Museum of Art's preeminent holding of post-impressionist and modern art, The Cone Collection, includes a group of 500 works by Matisse, considered the most inclusive collection in the world, as well as major examples by Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Renoir.

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Bringing art to life: The Baltimore Museum of Arts central mission is bringing art to life.

Collaborations increase the BMA's community impact: Through collaborations with other arts and educational institutions, the Baltimore Museum of Art uses its collection to increases its impact on the lives of people in the region.

Technology: Deepening the experience of art: Technology has tremendous importance at the Baltimore Museum of Art in its power to access vast reservoirs of information instantly, and its ability to teach and to amaze.

The art of learning: School programs: Though there is little art entering the schools in Maryland, each year tens of thousands of children from schools throughout Maryland come to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see, to learn and to be amazed by the enriching beauty that is held inside the Museum.